fall 2016

Season 3

Season 3 Collection

Amélie Guerin - Memphis group inspired folk art over grid printed mug and tote bag available in 3 colors

Season 3 Curator : Susannah Wesley

Susannah Wesley is an artist based in Montreal. Since 2004 she has been working collaboratively with Meredith Carruthers under the name ‘Leisure’. Recent solo exhibitions include, Arranging Time/Chorégraphie Temporelle at ESP (Toronto, 2015) and Dualité/Dualité at Artexte (Montreal, 2015), as well as the group exhibition The Let Down Reflex at The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (NYC, 2016). Wesley received an MA in Art History from Concordia in 2008 and an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2002. Previously she was a member of the notorious ‘Leeds 13’ art collective in the UK.

Curatorial Statement

At the outset of this project I chose to give each artist, as a starting point, a work by the multidisciplinary Bloomsbury artist/designer Vanessa Bell. Maude, 1913 is a fabric design Bell produced through the Omega Workshop. In choosing Bell’s work, several aspects of her practice were of interest to me. She brought the ‘fine art’ avant-garde aesthetics of abstraction into design and the everyday. Her practice integrated everything: painting, fashion, ceramics, furniture and interior design. In this regard, when mindfully crafted, all objects, artworks or otherwise, seem to have the same value for Bell. Whether directly or indirectly, I wondered how, or if, the work produced for Partage Montreal’s  Season 3 would speak to issues and references associated with Bell’s work.

Season 3 Artists