How It Works

Select Art!

First, artwork will be selected by a professional curator who will develop a vision that brings together a body of work by six different artists each year.

A Curator?

You read that correctly – a curator. The role of the curator will be to bring their knowledge of Montréal art communities, emerging and established artists, as well as an informed, and insightful point of view to the subscribers participating in Partage.

Yes, you can subscribe to a crop of artistic production – just like a Community Supported Agricultural project! Each year, a limited number of subscriptions will be issued (this year, we’re issuing 30) for a unique collection of six works of art. The art will be specifically commissioned for Partage Montréal subscribers and will all be limited editions. Subscribers will be invited to a pick-up party to receive their artworks. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow collectors and the Partage Montreal Artists!

The Art?

The art itself will remain a delightful mystery until the evenings of the parties! Super exciting!


Absolutely! Partage is the French word for ‘sharing’ after all. You and your friends or family can each chip-in on a subscription and split the ‘crop’ of six works of art. But there are two important notes about sharing: one person has to pay for it (we can’t split the payment into several smaller payments); and you need to be pretty good friends, because you don’t want to fight over all the excellent art that’s coming your way!

Ready to Subscribe?

Great! You won’t be disappointed. Click here to visit the subscription page!

Let’s Stay In Touch.

Click here to stay up-to-date on Partage throughout the year, get early notice on new subscriptions, invitations to unique events, and basically all the goings on at Partage HQ. You can expect to receive about one or two emails every three months, and we won’t share your data.

Get more involved?

Are you looking to be more involved in the Partage Community? Great – we’d be happy to have you. We’re always open to have volunteers join us at our events, or, if you’re looking for a deeper involvement, we would love to discuss a donation! Click here to send us an email.

Still have questions?

No problem! We have lots of answers in our handy FAQ.