You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Q: When are Partage subscriptions available and how do I become a subscriber?
A: Subscriptions to the 2015 Season 3 are available now on the Subscribe page of this website.


Q: How many subscriptions are available?
A: There will be a total of 30 subscriptions available.


Q: Can I pay the subscription fee in installments?
A: Unfortunately no, because there are a limited number of subscriptions, and the artists are paid in advance, Partage will only accept a subscription that’s paid in full.


Q: When is the deadline for purchasing subscriptions?
A: We will continue to offer subscriptions until the limited quantity have been sold (we don’t anticipate that they’ll be available for a very long time, so be sure and subscribe soon).


Q: Will I be able to contact the artists whose work is included in my subscription?
A: Of course! The mission of Partage Montréal CSA is to connect artists and collectors. One major benefit for artists participating in CSA is the potential for networking and future art sales, so we would love for our subscribers to be in contact with and develop relationships with the artists. Subscribers will have an opportunity to meet the artists at the pick-up events. The artists’ contact information will be included with each subscription package.


Q: When will I find out what the artwork in my subscription looks like? Will the work I receive look like the work shown on the CSA website?
A: Part of the fun is the mystery! Much like Community Supported Agriculture where you purchase a farm subscription and don’t know exactly what is going to come in your produce box until you receive it, the contents of Partage Montréal CSA subscriptions will be a surprise to subscribers until the subscription pick-up events. The images shown on the Partage Montréal website represent the style and quality of the artist’s work, but do not necessarily depict the work they will produce for the subscription.


Q: Are Partage Montréal artists creating new work for the subscription?
A: Yes. The art is specifically commissioned for Partage subscribers and will all be limited editions.


Q: Will the works in my subscription be ready for display?
A: Not necessarily. Partage Montréal artists are not required to submit their works framed, matted, wired, or with any special display means, although some may choose to do so. Each individual piece will be securely packed to ensure safe delivery to the subscriber.


Q: What if I get something in my subscription that I don’t like?
A: Partage Montréal CSA has worked to ensure that all subscribers will receive quality artwork. Local artists working in a variety of media were carefully selected by this season’s curator. By the end the year, subscribers will be exposed to a variety of contemporary art in Montreal, will discover new artists, and will walk away with a diverse selection of artworks. Nevertheless, there may be times when you aren’t that fond of a particular work. The artwork is not returnable, however an artwork that is not to your taste may still make a wonderful gift.


Q: Can I give a subscription as a gift?
A: Yes. You can purchase a subscription for a friend or family member, and we will be sure to invite the recipient to the season’s exclusive pick-up events.


Q: Can collectors split subscriptions?
A: Why not? Partage is the French word for ‘sharing’ after all. You and your friends or family can chip in on a subscription and split the ‘crop’ of six works of art. But one person has to pay for it because we can’t split the payment.


Q: How/when do I receive my subscription?
A: Subscribers will be invited to Partage Montreal’s pick-up events. The season’s artists and curator will be in attendance and refreshments will be provided. If you are unable to attend the pick-up event, you can make arrangements with Partage Montreal CSA to pick up the package after the event.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Subscriptions can be purchased online using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Q: What is your return policy?
A: Subscription fees are not refundable.


Q: Is there any way I can be more involved?
A: Yes! Partage Montreal CSA welcomes volunteers to help with promotion and events. In addition, we are always interested in partnering with new supporters. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or supporter, please email community@partagemontreal.com